International Coffee Hour

CU students, scholars, staff, and faculty are welcome at International Coffee Hour!

Are you… Someone who likes good conversations with interesting people? An armchair traveler? An International Affairs major? A Study Abroad Program returnee? An international student or scholar?

Please join us for International Coffee Hour, Friday afternoons, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., across from Baby Doe’s in the UMC Grill. International Coffee Hour happens every week while classes are in session, except during school breaks and summer. Free refreshments! No reservations are required.

Special thanks to the following local departments, which generously donated items or gift cards to the weekly drawing at the International Coffee Hour:

  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • United  Government of Graduate Students
  • Residence Life / Apartment Life
  • Office of Victim Assistance
Sponsored by Office of International Education,  CU Parents Association and the UMC administration. Questions? Call 492-8057.

Where’s The Food Friday

Almost every Friday, CU International meets ‘somewhere’ in Boulder to have a casual and relaxing dinner. Venues range from cheap and simple to a little more expensive and rather elaborate, but we try to go to a variety of places.

Check out our list of recommended restaurants, which is always growing and changing — Boulder is a great place for all kinds of restaurants!

If you would like to get updates on W.T.F Friday, and because attending dinner sometimes requires that we have an idea of how many people will attend, please sign up for our email list or join our Facebook group. You can also sign up for Twitter updates if you would like updates to your phone or through Twitter.

Politics & Sports

We occasionally hold events for political happenings and sports events in order to explain our political process and our unique American sports. During the past election season, we held informative sessions such as Election 101, in which American students and political professors helped educate students in how the electoral vote works and why Americans have the political system that exists today.

We also hold an event called American Football 101, in which the basics of American football are casually taught to students over pizza and drinks, usually in anticipation of a CU game or the Super Bowl (the annual championship game, held in late January or early February). We also try to make it to CU sports events and occasionally a professional baseball game.

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