Mission Statement

CU International’s mission is to help international students, both in answering their questions and concerns about life on campus, and in organizing social activities where they can meet each other and other CU students. CU International aims to make life for international students in Colorado as comfortable as possible, and to provide international students with many opportunities to try new things and meet new people.During the week before classes start, CU International plays a key role in the international student Welcome Week by helping with check-ins, sitting on question/answer panels, leading tours of the CU campus and the Boulder/Denver area, and organizing social events like coffee hours, dinners and bowling. During Welcome Week, CU International members make themselves available at most international events for any questions the new international students might have about adjusting to life in Boulder.

During the rest of the year, CU International organizes a variety of regular (and less regular) social events. CU International members meet weekly for dinner try out one of the local Boulder restaurants. We also organize a weekly International Coffee Hour where all CU students are welcome to come, have some coffee or snacks and chat with international students. CU International organizes a variety of other social activities including hikes, dancing, and ski trips.

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  1. Kyle Ackourey

    Hi my name is Kyle and I am currently doing a group project for my philosophy class about justice claims in our community and campus. We were wondering if it would be possible to meet today around 2o clock somewhere just to ask a few questions for about 10 minutes about your organization. We are extremely sorry for the short notice and inconvenience but would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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